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EMF-low, no Wifi

EMF-radiation is particularly low in De Deel.

We provide Wifi on special request only, restricted within the time slot of 08.00 hours - 22.00 hours.

What is EMF-low and no Wi-Fi?
First, in a nutshell, some terminology. EMF means Electromagnetic Fields, or the 'radiation' emitted by all electrical and electronic devices and equipment. Wi-Fi: the term used for the technology of wireless internet, using radio frequencies, and enabling us to use an IPad or IPhone, for example. In Germany Wlan is used, short for wireless local area network, a network in which devices are connected to each other. Blue Tooth is a method of wirelessly connecting devices at relatively short distances from each other.


All wireless systems are surrounded by electric or electromagnetic fields (EMF). Countless other sources emit electromagnetic radiation too, from high-voltage cables to mobile phones, from microwave ovens to ungrounded solar panels and from TVs, computers and electricity cables…
Although this radiation is invisible, it is definitely noticeable if you are sensitive to it. Many of us (we, your hosts, included) are convinced of the fact that health problems may and/or will arise from such radiation.

Holiday-let De Deel is EMF-low and has Wi-Fi on request only!

In De Deel great care has been taken to keep EMF out wherever possible. Wi-Fi is always off and switched on at request of our guests only, and even then restricted to a fixed time-slot. Read on and learn how we created a low-radiation environment in and around De Deel.

7 Precautionary measures

1. No microwave ovens or Dect phones. Even a TV is missing.
2. Wi-Fi on request only. Wi-Fi is switched on only if guests explicitly request us to do so and is restricted to 08.00 - 22.00 hours. (Even better: please let us know in advance at which time within this timeslot Wi-Fi is required).
3. No electrical facilities (like radio, tv, hifi, etc.) in the bedroom, except (LED) lighting
4. Grounded solar panels, no Wi-Fi antenna to the inverter. For its energy De Deel benefits enormously from solar panels. To avoid radiation all panels were grounded during installation. For more protection the connected inverter - which causes electromagnetic radiation - was situated outdoors and is not equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna, thereby avoiding all electromagnetic radiation from our solar panels and inverter.
5. Low-radiation power cables. Electricity cables in De Deel are low-radiation, because we always opt for double-wrapped cables. Again, a significant reduction in radiation.
6. No 'smart meter' nor wireless network or Blue Tooth. So-called smart electricity meters, wireless networks (Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth) all emit radiation. Rest assured: we never installed them.
7. Relatively low-radiation cooking in De Deel... because of an old-school hay box! By rejecting a microwave, much radiation in the kitchen is avoided (we use a 'normal'  oven instead.) However, unfortunately De Deel's kitchen is not completely radiation-free, as for several reasons (energy transition / 'off the gas') we installed an induction hob. And yes, that causes radiation…
BUT let's turn this disadvantage into an advantage! After all, cooking on an induction hob takes very little time, especially for simple meals. Even dishes requiring more time (potatoes, whole grain rice, soups and stews) need a relatively short cooking period on the hob after which you put your pan into the hay box, which we will gladly provide!


- A really good night's sleep (without Wi-Fi). Guests often remark: 'I slept wonderfully well last night! What kind of beds do you actually have?' Good beds, of course! But another reason is just as important: there's no Wi-Fi, which makes all the difference as to the quality of your night's sleep and overall well-being.

- Some tips
a) There's a CD player in the extra sleeping area, causing slight radiation, as all plugs-in-sockets do. So, just remove the plug from the socket.
b) Do switch off your mobile phone at night...
c) Instead of an IPad turn to the mini-library in the bedroom, with books in English too.
Read them all? You're welcome to our well-stocked private library, with hundreds of titles in English - just ask!
d) Only use your IPhone if it's necessary and afterwards please turn it off. Our bees - highly sensitive to radiation - will be extremely grateful!
 e) Go deer spotting in the garden at night or in the early morning (binoculars available).
f) Play an 'old-fashioned' board game.
g) Enjoy the spectacular sunsets and starry skies over the Wadden Sea, only 1,5 miles away.


We have taken the following measurements inside and outside holiday-let De Deel, on 1. August 2022 (midmorning) and again on 5. May 2023, using the Cornet ED88T Plus.
These were the extremely low to negligible result of low- and high frequency radiation and magnetic fields:

LF 600 (Gaus mode): 00.05 uT
LF 30 (Gaus mode): 00.04 uT
Efield (ELF mode): 0002 v/M
RF mode: 0.0001 mW/m2

Outside (terras) conditions are variable and so are the measurements, but still very low.

If you happen to be hypersensitive to electricity, most likely De Deel will no be suitable for you.

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