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Holiday apartment De Deel is an ideal starting point for either hiking and cycling or for kayaking and canoe trips, as it is centrally located on the unique Hogeland of Groningen - a true dorado for silence seekers, cyclists and nature lovers, as well as for birdwatchers, photographers, writers and painters.
The Hogeland is part of the seemingly endless Wadden Sea landscape (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the oldest cultured landscapes in Europe) and borders the Lauwersmeer National Park which, with all its lakes, woods and wetlands is a true bird's paradise.
South of the Hogeland is a region called Middag-Humsterland (National Landscape), with the lovely Reitdiepdal (river valley) and highly attractive villages, like Niehove.

To the east BlauweStad ('Blue Town') and the area around Loppersum are worth your visit. Within 25 minutes by car you can either reach the ferry to the Wadden island of Schiermonnikoog with its dunes, wide beaches and quaint village, or choose just the opposite: the historic town-centre of busy, beautiful Groningen (City) and its boasting museums, markets, pubs, concert halls and shops to please all shopaholics.

Within cycling distance are many picturesque villages with centuries-old churches (and their world famous organs!) museums, galleries, gardens, country houses, nurseries and cosy restaurants. Popular family attractions in the vicinity are: Zoutkamp harbour, Pieterburen's Seal Nursery and Waddenfun in Leens, Holland's biggest indoor climbing gym.


* Cycle from De Deel to Lauwersoog Harbour (about 16 miles) and take the ferry to the island of Schiermonnikoog
* Cycle along the Wadden dikes, for wide views of land and (tidal) waters. To the northwest, out in the Wadden Sea, you'll spot Schiermonnikoog´s lighthouse and water tower and to the northeast the first of the German Wadden Isles, Borkum.
* Take a walk on the salt marshes and mud flats, hear and see nature... and nothing else!
* Walk a few miles along the Pieterpad (Holland´s most famous long distance footpath - its starting point in Pieterburen is only 2 miles km away)
* Rent a canoe or kayak in nearby Wehe Den Hoorn and paddle along, exploring the beautiful inland waterways

General information

visit groningen
visit wadden

Cycling and mountainbiking

Fietsroutes Groningen
De totale LF kustroute
Mountain Bike Route door Lauwersmeergebied
MTB routes Groningen

About the LF Coastal Route (de LF Kustroute)
Starting from De Deel, cycle just 1,5 mile in order to continue cycling along the famous long-distance cycling route along the Dutch coast, about 40 miles of which run through the province of Groningen, offering spectacular views. This route starts in the southwest of Holland and ends in Bad-Nieuweschans on the Groningen-German border.

Especially for garden lovers

Most gardens & nurseries are within 20 miles, and some within 60 miles of De Deel.

Province of Groningen:
Eenrum: Arboretum/Noataristoen
Pieterburen: botanical garden Domies Toen, around the Petruskerk (church)
Leens: gardens around the borg (country house/estate) Verhildersum
De Wilp (Gr.): Lianne's Nursery of Ornamental Grasses
Meeden (Gr): Nursery Foltz - perennials, annuals and brocante
Uithuizen: gardens around the borg (country house/estate) Menkemaborg
Vriescheloo (Gr): Nursery Jacobs - perennials, annuals, particularly late summer flowers

Province of Friesland:
Suameer (Fr): Kwekerij Kabbes, Suameer (ongewone en gewone planten)

Province of Drenthe:
Wapserveen (Dr): biologische boom- en kleinfruitkwekerij De Vrolijke Noot
Ruinerwold (Dr): biologische kwekerij bloemen/kruiden Het Blauwe Huis
Wilhelminaoord (Dr): kwekerij Arborealis (heesters, voedselbos etc.)

Active pastime

Wadlopen: guided walking tours on the salt marshes and mudflats of the Wadden Sea
Rondvaarten: boat trips on either/both the Lauwers Lake, Wadden Sea and North Sea

Pieterburen Wadlopen Pieterburen
Pieterburen Waddenexcursies
Garmerwolde Wadlopen met kleine groepen
Lauwersoog Rondvaarten Lauwersmeer
Gemeente Het Hogeland e.v. Beleef het Waddengebied
Lauwersoog Rondvaarten Waddenzee en Lauwersmeer
Lauwersoog: several options for fishing trips on the Wadden Sea and/or North Sea

Swimming, sailing and windsurfing

Leens: Wsimming pool De Marne
Breede (nabij Warffum): Swimming pool Breede
Oldehove: Swimmingpool Electra nearOldehove
Open bathing water: along the Reitdiep (river) and in the Lauwersmeer (lakes)

Sailing/windsurfing (+sailing schools):
Water sports centres in Lauwersoog (Gr) and Oostmahorn (Fr)

Nature, Museums, Art and Curiosities

Eenrum: Abrahams Mustard Factory (+café and terrace)
Ezinge: Museum Wierdenland (archeology of the region, various exhibitions/modern art)
Groningen (City): Groninger Museum (one of Groningen's absolute highlights as to architecture, unique collecions and ever-changing exhibitions; near main railway station)
Houwerzijl: Theefabriek Museum Tea Factory (+café and shop)
Lauwersoog: National Park Lauwersmeer with visitor centre
Leens: Landgoed Borg Verhildersum (museum, country house and gardens)
Niehove church, permanent exhibition on history of Niehove and surroundings
Pieterburen: Zeehondencreche Pieterburen Seal Nursety (+ shop and café)
Uithuizen: Menkemaborg (museum, country house and gardens)
Warffum: Openluchtmuseum het Hoogeland Open Air Museum Hoogeland (+café/restaurant at the back)
Warfhuizen: Nou nog mooier Kunst en Curiosa Even more beautiful: frame maker/art gallery/brocante
Westeremden: Museum Helmantel (artist Henk Helmantel's own museum cum art gallery)

General information

Waddenland Groningen (for information on the islands, saltmarshes and mudflats a.o.)
Groninger Landschap (landscape)
Groninger Kerken (churches)
Toerisme Groningen (tourism Groningen in general)
De Waddenvereniging. bescherm de Waddenzee (the Wadden Society for protection of the Wadden Sea)

Festivals and events

Check for current events and correct dates:
Pop Groningen - Festivals
Festivals stad Groningen
Festivals Groningen - muziek, food, cultureel etc

Zadeldakkerk Waddengebied de kwelders Vogelvlucht Lauwersmeer Lauwersmeergebied wadende hooglanders Wadden, een vlucht ganzen over de kwelderWaddendijk, ondergaande zon en schapenree-in-akkerlandLauwersland


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