Gastenverblijf De Deel


Self-catering holiday-let De Deel near the Wadden Sea in northern Holland: natural beauty and peaceful, easy living

Holiday-let De Deel is a spacious, independent holiday-home with fully private facilities, for up to four people. The self-catering barn conversion is low in radiation and can be completely free of WiFi.
De Deel is located in the characteristic village farm of De Groene Luwte in Molenrij, a hamlet in the north of Groningen, 1,5 miles from the unique Wadden Sea (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and close to National Park Het Lauwersmeer with its woods, lakes and wetlands.
We love to welcome you to our comfortable low-radiation/ EMF-low, self-catering apartment. Added bonuses: the sunny terrace and landscaped eco-garden of De Groene Luwte.

Peace and quiet...

Due to the peaceful atmosphere of De Deel and its unique location near the Wadden Sea, this holiday-let is perfect for those who love the wide open spaces of the salt marshes, sand and mudflats and islands and 'polders' of the Wadden Sea region.

Another vista? The lakes, woods and wetlands of National Park Het Lauwersmeer are just 16 miles west of us. Which makes De Deel tailor-made for cyclists and nature lovers, bird-watchers, artists, peace seekers and for those who love sailing or canoeing.

In our village small-scale living and tranquility are still very common and will be enjoyed fully in holiday-let De Deel and its organic garden - even more so because De Deel and garden are very low in EMF-radiation and can be completely free of Wi-fi. (We switch on Wi-Fi only at your request).

Exploring the region

Here in Northern Groningen, with the Wadden Sea only 1,5 miles away, you'll enjoy the most wonderful views, spectacular cloudscapes and night skies!
For this is an area where water, land and air meet in ever-changing light. The Wadden Sea is the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world, continuing along the German and Danish coasts.

Around holiday-let De Deel and Molenrij - waiting for you to explore by bike, kayak or canoe - you'll find picturesque century-old villages, lush greenery around farms and winding roads and waterways. Or visit the many medieval churches and small but exquisite museums, or explore architectural beauty (early mediaeval to the 'Amsterdam School' of the 1920's) in nearby larger villages or small towns.

All this… within a 3 hours' drive from any air- or seaport in Holland. Things to see and do in the vicinity of De Deel...

De Deel, inside and out

This lovely apartment is located in De Groene Luwte , meaning 'lush and green' and a green lifestyle. De Groene Luwte consists of our characteristic village farm (1895) and its surrounding  2-acre landscaped eco garden.

As a  house-barn conversion De Deel is generously sized. Once a working farm De Deel was used to stock harvests, hay and straw and to stable horse and cart. The farm's history is still tangible in the old trusses, beams and stable windows, which lend an extra element to De Deel - its timeless, peaceful atmosphere helps to relax and feel at ease.

Take one step outside and you're in the eco-garden with its flower borders, tall willows, poplars and maples and… wildlife! Birds of course, but hedgehogs, butterflies and other insects and small mammals live here too. Even roe deer regularly visit our green oasis - taking a nap, nibbling on tall grasses and checking to see if the organic kitchen garden still stocks some of their preferred veggies, like Swiss chard!
De Deels offers even more…

Gastenverblijf De Deel Terug naar jezelf Kwelder in waddengebied Boerenbloemen in de wilde bloemenwei van De Groene Luwteree-in-akkerrand

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